Amelie Patrux
Mat / Prenatal Teacher
Raised by a South African mom and a French dad, Amelie grew up in Paris, in a melting pot of cultures and loves the diversity of people’s ideas, cultures and opinions. She arrived in Australia 4 years ago.

She had been practising Yoga on and off for many years but it is through studying Buddhism and discovering Meditation that she finally understood the spirituality Yoga offers and she stepped back on the mat with a very different intention 2 years ago when she decided to become a teacher. 
 As a qualified Doula (birth support companion), Amelie specialises in Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga as well as teaches Yin Yoga. 

As a teacher, Amelie's main goal is to offer a diverse, non-dogmatic, nurturing and encouraging environment. She focusses on inclusive yoga, free of competition and unachievable expectations. She is passionate about body positivity, respecting our true nature and making yoga accessible to all.
Visit Amelie's website HERE.
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