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Family Kids Yoga workshop

with Catherine Tong
In this interactive family yoga class, families will discover the benefits and joy of practicing yoga together. Focus will be on the children, with the encouragement of parents, guiding their children to learn and grow via yoga poses, breathing exercises, mindful games, partner poses, yoga adventures, and relaxation. When parents join in, they lead by example and model learning to their children. They will also be given the opportunity to embrace their inner child. So expect to laugh, smile, move, breathe, relax and make shapes with your children in a non-competitive, healthy and fun environment. Yoga is always better together, so come and join Our Yoga Playground! open to all adults and children 3-10yrs. If younger, it's OK but maybe just let us know, and no yoga experience required.
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6-week Aerial Yoga course

With Faye Liu
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Prenatal Yoga classes

With Amelie Patrux
Yoga is a precious prenatal practice (and life-long tool !) to safely address the common aches & pains caused by all these body changes, to manage the stress and emotional ups & downs. We will be working on postures to help you feel strong and flexible, guided breathing and relaxation to help with sleep problems, exercises and visualisation for pain perception but also many postural tips and some homework to increase the chances of shorter labour.
As a Doula (trained birth support companion), Amelie always start the class with a women’s circle to share knowledge, experience and positive birth stories and weave useful information into the practice.
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