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be lifted

We are Studio Arise.


We rise and flow to any occasion and create an open space for the busy, the beginners and the beautiful to just become grounded and whole again. 


Find your freedom and flow with us. 

we are open! 
Release your heart to the sky and let your spirit fly.
                                                                 -Melanie Koulouris
our studio
Located on Spring St in Chatswood, our studio caters to Meditation, Aerial and Mat Yoga.
aerial yoga
No matter how busy you are, there's always enough time to Arise.
be lifted
Through height we find the ability to be grounded throughout our day-to-day life.
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Stay up to date with our opening, our classes and every lifted experience possible.
We promise we won't spam and just keep it light and replenishing.
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You love it, we know!
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