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Aerial Teacher

Melinda grew up with yoga and practiced it at a young age alongside family members. After experiencing several injuries from years of dancing, Melinda returned to yoga years later to find a more balanced lifestyle. She loves the sense of calmness, creativity, and connectedness that comes from practicing and moving with the breath. With a passion to teach yoga to others on a similar journey and a belief that the powerful benefits of yoga should be accessible to all people, she completed 200 hours of trauma-informed yoga training with the Yoga Impact Charity. Melinda has since gone on to study another 200 hours of training in Chair Yoga, Aerial Yoga, and Yin Yoga. She loves aerial and the number of opportunities that practicing in the swing can bring, as well as the ability to build greater strength, flexibility, and technique.


Melinda's teachings focus on supporting students to feel safe in their practice, restore energy and cultivate a sense of calmness through breathing and movement practices that help with regulating the nervous system. Melinda works in the mental health sector and body image space outside of teaching.

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