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Faye Liu
Studio Director / Head Teacher
Faye set her career in motion when she began dancing at the age of 4, and was accepted into a professional Dance School in China when she was 11. Her intense work as a professional Dancer led her to find yoga as it was the best thing she could do to help her relax, recover, resettle and stay strong both mentally and physically.
Faye completed a 4 Year Diploma of Dance, including training in Pilates in Singapore in 2009. Following that, she worked as a full-time dancer at Hong Kong Disneyland for two years before coming to Australia. She completed a Bachelor of Arts at Macquarie University 2017 and her Yoga Teacher Training at Sukha Mukha. She then went to become an AntiGravity Level 4 Certified Instructor.

In 2019, Faye decided to open her own Yoga studio, Studio Arise, in the heart of Chatswood, to share her passion for the arts (both in the air and on the mat), her knowledge and her positive life energy.
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