Joyce Leung
Aerial Teacher
Joyce’s yoga journey began several years ago when she first turned to yoga to gain some balance and stress relief from her high intensity daily life as a litigation lawyer.  The yoga mat became a place where she could slow down, quieten the monkey-mind, and learn how to reconnect to the body and the breath.  During a holiday in New York, Joyce happened to drop into an aerial yoga class and was immediately hooked.  Despite her fear of heights, she has grown to particularly love the light and playful nature of aerial yoga and how it can enhance a yogi's mat practice by helping to build both strength and flexibility, as well as support more restorative practices.

Since early 2019, Joyce has undertaken various teacher training courses to not only develop her own knowledge, but to encourage anyone who's curious about yoga to just give it a go. She completed her 200-hour Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga and 50-hour Yin Yoga trainings with The Peaceful Warriors in Bali; she is a Level 2 Certified AntiGravity Aerial Yoga Instructor; and has also completed a Yoga Alliance-registered Breath Coach training course.

Whether on the mat or up in the hammock, Joyce would like to encourage her students to have fun, take on new challenges, and discover for themselves how yoga movement and breath can help you feel more balanced, nourished, stronger and healthier in body, mind and spirit. One of her favourite yoga-related sayings is "it's yoga practice, not yoga perfect!"

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