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Renee Wilson
Aerial Teacher
Through movement I discover myself.
And through discovery I find my authenticity.
I stumbled across Aerial Yoga and immediately fell in love.
Maybe it was the stretching & strength building that appealed to me, or maybe it was creating different shapes with my body as I learned to interact with the hammock & hang upside down. Whatever it was, I knew I’d found something that spoke to me. My Aerial teacher encouraged me to do the teacher training, and become an instructor. I’d never considered teaching before, but I completed the training & my teaching adventures began. I soon discovered that sharing my knowledge & love of movement with students brings joy to my day and a smile to my face. Over the next few years I gained my Vinyasa Yoga & Yin Yoga qualifications & began teaching those styles of movement as well.
So if you wanna have some fun, be playful, build strength & mobility…..or just “hang out”, come join one of my classes.
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